Hip Hop Makes Me Feel

Our Mission:


We want to empower all the youth by giving them the power that Hip Hop has given us. Through workshops, service projects and children’s books, we plan to show how Hip Hop can empower our youth.


Our Mission

Ever since she was a child, she always knew that hip-hop would be a huge part of her life. Unfortunately in 2005, Alisha’s father passed away. During the difficult time, Alisha, more than ever felt more connected with hip-hop. Not only is Sweatt passion-driven but, success just comes naturally to her because of who she as a woman. At the beginning of the year, Alisha made it her goal to live her life unapologetically and because of that she has been able to put her love for hip-hop into action. Hip Hop Makes Me Feel is an organization that teaches the youth the impact hip-hop has made on the world.

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Our Programs

Hip Hop is involved in our daily lives and we want to share our knowledge. We have a list of educational programs to bring to any school! Book Hip Hop Makes Me Feel to bring a dose of Hip Hop education to your campus.

Lover of Hip Hop, Alisha Sweatt, uses her personal experiences to make new connections within herself and withothers. Sweatt developed a strong, deep passion for Hip Hop when her father, DJ and producer, passed away in 2005 at a young age. To cope with his death, she made a connection with him by listening to Hip Hop.

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If you are interested in joining the Hip Hop Makes Me Feel family in any compacity please click the contact tab and share your ideas with us! We are always looking for new people to work with.